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June 06, 2022

True Stories from real people!


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We have created a lifestyle we don't have to vacation from and help others do the same through strategies, tested and effective marketing tools plus time management. Everyone we meet has either a health or income need and most times it's both!! We are blessed to help others make money from home while taking care of their health plus travel all in one if they choose to! Health, wealth and travel becomes a lifestyle!!  What good is wealth if you don't have the health to enjoy it?!  Heck we even have wellness for our vehicle!  We help people take control of their health and time so they can live life to the fullest.  Check us out===> HERE

I'm down 15 lbs and I haven't even started a consistent exercise routine yet.  I rarely get on a scale but was curious.  Wasn't really trying to lose weight or using  products for weight loss. Was just interested in the health benefits and looking for a clean quality protein for my smoothie in the morning.  

===> Heads up: Taken on August 14, 2022 ===> I have not been able to zip up this denim dress in 4 years!  It's one of my very favorites!  In fact, I have two of them in the same size!  I used to wear it all the time with sandels in spring and summer or boots in the fall and winter.  Imagine my surprise when it just zipped right up again!!!  Then I tried on a bathing suit that I took on our vacation last September 2021 and couldn't even pull it up!   Well it does now August 29, 2022!!  

See a list of shakes on the market being recalled  ===>HERE

Sue Seward
Gluten Free Lady



Another OptimaLife Holistic Influencer story from a new friend Diane in sunny Florida - 



This post is lengthy, but I promise you will learn something!


Quite often I am asked what I am doing, now that I am retired.  When the list is presented, the question is always “Why are you doing so much?  You are retired, you should be sitting back and enjoying doing nothing!”  In pre-retirement I was very busy and have found out that I enjoy being busy, especially when I am doing things that I ❤️.


This brings me to my involvement with 🌱OptimaLife🌱.  In October, 2021 this very new company was presented to me.  The Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder was very intriguing, as I knew that I was very lacking in my daily needed protein.  So I ordered a bag and becoming a promoter didn’t cost me a cent!  At that point, I had the opportunity to earn an additional stream of income.  Being on a limited income, additional 💵 is always welcome!


Once becoming a promoter, I saw that I was a part of a core team that was helping get this company off the ground!  What an honor to be part of the launching of this new company!  The interchanges between the founders and myself have been almost daily and the education that the founders and others have provided has been SO exciting!


🌱OptimaLife🌱 has an eclectic group of people, who are so knowledgeable about a myriad of topics!  We have:


Holistic Practitioners





Exercise Coaches


Moms and Dads

“Seasoned” Citizens


who all have the same goal, to educate people on ways to live a healthier lifestyle.  

The beauty of 🌱OptimaLife🌱 is that ANYONE can join because it costs not one cent to become a promoter.  ANYONE can participate in the activities of the company.  ANYONE can have a FREE  🌱OptimaLife🌱 web site.  I can honestly say that since joining the company, in October 2021, the ONLY money that I have spent is on purchasing the ultra clean products that Tom and I use daily.


The photos attached, show that I am living a healthier lifestyle.  I have changed the way that I buy groceries, the way I prepare our meals, the life that I live! 



Check out what this beautiful lady Jarizmel a Health Coach in sunny Florida has to say about OptimaLife ⬇️ 🥰



I've been with a handful of companies within the last decade. I'm open-minded, especially when a friend asks me to give them a try. I've always been this way. 👌 


With that being said, I have PTSD from MLMs bc of OTHER PEOPLE & the way these companies operate... which is nobody's problem but mine. 

Now that I'm older, hitting 36 this year, I most definitely have learned many lessons. I always consider the risks vs reward when it comes to things & of course with Optima, it's no different. Someone I love dearly asked me to check them out & I was skeptical... I was skeptical every day until I started meeting the tribe... reading about their mission & passions & goals... 


I've had my small business for over 2 years & I KNEW this would help with my mission in my business in a big way ❣️🌿 I'm so glad I'm open-minded & that I made the decision to overcome my trauma of joining companies bc of what another company has done to me. The reason why OptimaLife is completely different is bc the Founders are legit & they're not money or power hungry... they want EVERY ONE to live their best life & they are so HUMBLE 🥰 💗 


👉I'm still running my small business but I'm putting a full stop to continuing to support people that do not support me. 

👉If you're intelligent, you know that during these days, you most definitely cannot keep your eggs in one basket 😉 


Come grow with me or you watch me from the bottom 🌿✨️🥳



Contact me and let's have a real conversation about what it is YOU want!  

Live Life to the Fullest!

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Gluten Free Lady