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November 09, 2012

Boosting Our Immune System Without Taking Vaccines

UPDATE: May 26, 2020 since the COVID-19 Pandemic the information on this blog from the CDC in December 2014 is no longer available pertaining to the flu shot not being effective.  


As stated on WebMD:  “So far this season, influenza A – H3N2 viruses – have been detected most frequently, and in almost all states,” said CDC Director Thomas Frieden, MD, MPH, in a telebriefing with reporters. “Unfortunately about half of the viruses in cases that we’ve identified this season are different than the ones that are included in this year’s vaccine. The vaccine won’t protect against these viruses.”

How to boost your immune system from Dr. Steven F. Hotze, MD===>  READ ABOUT IT HERE

November 2014 from Gluten Free Lady

Today there's another potentially life threathening virus that has made it's way here to the USA and it's called Ebola. 

Here's some information from Paul Workman our State Representative in Texas -

Helpful Information on Ebola
Given the current situation surrounding Ebola in the Dallas area, I wanted to pass along the following information from the Texas Department of State Health Services.

DSHS advises the following precautions for the public:

1. The only people at risk are those who might have had direct contact with a person with Ebola.

2. Careful hygiene can prevent the spread of viruses, and people should avoid contact with blood and body fluids of individuals ill with Ebola.

3. People with Ebola-like symptoms, recent travel to West Africa, or exposure to a case of Ebola should seek medical attention immediately. Notifications should be made to the doctor's office or emergency room about symptoms to allow the provider to prepare for appropriate infection control.

November 2012 from Gluten Free Lady -

We have never taken a flu shot and we're 61 and 63.  We do not take vaccines because quite frankly, we just don't trust what's in them.   When we do start to come down with something it's kicked out very quickly from our body because we keep our immune system strong.  

 1. We take a high quality vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D is so important for overall health, especially your immune system so be sure this is a part of your vitamin regimen. Check with your physician for proper dosage. 

 2. Some suggest buying a good air filter in the home to filter our bad bacteria and mold spores that could be circulating in the house.

 3. Become more active! That's right...exercising regularly can boost circulation and enhance the immune system! As an added bonus it helps burn calories and toning up, too! 

4. We take supplements specifically designed to boost our immune system.  Here's a few to consider Vitamin C, Cat's Claw, Royal Garlic, Probiotics and Zinc.  We also drink raw juices to enhance our immunity. 

Antibotic Juice Recipe - (my husband had a cough for about two weeks that would not go away.   I decided to make him this juice and it was gone the next day.  He also took the Laurididin product below.)  This juice combination acts as a powerful antibotic and antiseptic, and when taken regularly can fight infection directly.  One glass (at least 10 to 14 oz/300 to 400 ml) must be taken every day and in some people twice daily.

1 Carrot

1 Beetroot including some green tops

2 Spinach Leaves

1 Apple skin on

0.2 inch fresh ginger root

0.2 inch horseradish root

1 to 1/2 Clove garlic (optional) or 1/2 red onion

1/2 Cup water cresss (optional)


Wash all ingredients, trim, chop nd put through Nutri Bullet juicer.  Dilute with water, cold herbal tea or add some pomagranet juice. 

5. We try to eat foods that are rich in immune-boosting spices such as curry, thyme, chyenne pepper, rosemary, ginger, garlic and cilantro. 

6. We wash our hands especially after returning from the grocery store and use those handy wipes they have for the carts! It's as easy as that! Many bacterias and viruses come from touching contaminated surfaces so something as simple as washing our hands more frequently can drastically decrease our odds of coming down with a cold or sinus infection.

7. Get plenty of sleep! When we don't get enough sleep, our immune system is compromised. Need help in the sleep department?

8. We are reducing our levels of chronic stress. Stress depletes essential nutrients in our body and compromises our immune system. Supplements like magnesium and inositol are important in keeping stress levels at a minimum. We also take a product from Biotic Research for adrenals called ADB-5 and order it at http://pureformulas.com

 9. We keep an emergency supply of *Lauricidin on hand (see below to order online). This natural antibiotic not only helps treat current infections but can also be taken as a preventative measure when viruses and bacteria are floating around in the air. 

 10. Cleaning up our diet! Dairy products, such as butter and cheese, carry a lot of bacteria and can weaken the immune system. We try and make sure our diet is rich in colorful fruits and vegetables, which are high in vitamins, minerals and immune-boosting antioxidants.


 Click Here To Read What Dr. Sandra Cabot (The Liver Cleansing Diet) has to say about boosting our immune system -



*We also use a Neti Pot for irrigating sinuses...

Read this article on why flu shots can be more dangerous than the flu

*We buy Laurididin online at: (fyi - we are not compensated for recommending this product. We have used it since 2005)





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