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June 21, 2022

Did you know that life on this planet is CARBON-based?


To many people, fullerenes — special carbon molecules that have potential applications in many fields,
from physics to biology — may sound a little like science fiction.


Carbon 60 is simply a recently discovered form of carbon consisting of 60 carbon atoms shaped like
a hollow soccer ball. ⚽️


C60 is a naturally occurring molecule and the single most powerful antioxidant ever discovered. 🙌🏻 
I still remember when we talked so much about free radicals and antioxidants back in the 90's!  


Quite possibly one of the most amazing chemistry discoveries of the century. C60 has over 40 additional
minerals and trace minerals. Naturally providing the cells energy and may also provide cellular protection
against many toxic environmental factors. Simply as nature intended.


In recent years, there’s been increasing interest in the health effects of fullerenes, particularly the fullerene
known as carbon 60 (C60).



Because of the way these atoms bond together, C60 interacts with free radicals in the environment,
giving the molecule strong antioxidant properties.


A 2010 randomized, placebo-controlled trial examined the use of a C60-containing skin cream in 23
Japanese women and the effect on wrinkles and skin roughness.

In a small 2011 study, researchers studied the effects of a face gel containing C60 on acne.


Studies done in mice have also examined the ability of C60-containing solutions to block the effects of
ultraviolet radiation and promote hair growth when applied to the skin.


In 2019, research was published that examined the effects of a C60 derivative on joint damage and
inflammation in rats with arthritis.


A 2016 study explored the ability of a C60 compound to regulate inflammation in a mouse model of eczema.


Rat models of amyloidosis and Alzheimer’s disease have been used to examine the effects of C60,
delivered directly into the brain, on learning, memory and cognitive function.


Studies have explored the effects of C60 derivatives on tumor growth, metastasis, and survival in mice and rats.


A 2020 study examined the ability of C60 to protect against lung damage in mice treated with bleomycin,
an anti-cancer drug.


A 2017 study explored the effects of C60 on muscle fatigue and endurance in rats.


Researchers in 2012 and in 2020 examined the ability of C60 to affect the lifespan of rats.


Studies in rat models of diabetes have examined the ability of C60 to prevent neuronal and kidney
damage resulting from hyperglycemia.



C60 has also shown great results in individuals with certain viruses.


We live in such a toxic world….we are constantly exposed to free radicals and environmental toxins.


I've been saying that Inflammation is the root of soooo many health problems. This company is right on
and that's exactly why I was attracted.  This was the first product that caught my attention when my friend
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Optima Life C60

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