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August 16, 2022

What can healthy habits for life do for you and others struggling?



Let’s address what’s on all of our minds… 


Let’s talk about the impact these past 2.5 years have had on the health and fitness industry,

and what it all means for you. 


Amid the intermittent lockdowns, restrictions, and health concerns, there’s been a significant shift

in what many people need from a coach. 


Sure, there will always be people looking to drop fat, get toned, build muscle, or optimize

performance. That’ll never go away. 


But for a growing number of people, life in the 2020s has completely reordered their priorities. 


To put it bluntly, many people are struggling.


Statistics from a recent Harris Poll illuminate the devastating impact of the pandemic…

===>61% of adults reported experiencing undesired weight changes since the start of the pandemic

===>Two in three Americans (67%) aren’t getting their desired amount of sleep since the pandemic started

===>48% of parents said the level of stress in their life has increased

===>To sum it up, people have become less active, more stressed, and more isolated. 


And while they need the guidance of a competent, caring coach more than ever before… 


The areas of their health they need the most help with extend beyond just nutrition and fitness

to mental and emotional wellbeing, stress management, immunity, and sleep. 


A lot has changed—for you, and for those who need help. 


Amidst all this change, many health, fitness, and wellness professionals and many others are struggling to

find a clear path forward. 


Maybe you can relate?


Maybe you recognize an opportunity here… an opportunity to impact the health of others in

an even bigger way… an opportunity to experience even greater health and/or career fulfillment… 


… but you’re not sure what the road ahead looks like, or what your next steps are?  Message me
and let's have a real conversation or===> CHECK OUT ALL OUR BRANDS   You're most likely already
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Living Life to the Fullest!

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